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Window Tinting in Alaska, Oregon, and Idaho 

DigiTint with Kendall Auto Group

Kendall Auto Group understands that each car is as individual as the person driving it. We want to help you make your car yours, this includes an option for window tint in Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. DigiTint is a high quality window tint option from Kendall Auto Group option to improve the look of your new car, truck, or SUV.

Why DigiTint?

DigiTint uses a turnkey system with software and hardware that is able to precisely cut window tint for nearly every car sold in America since 1993. The DigiTint software library consists of more than 100,000 unique window templates, which allows the operator to cut window film for nearly any vehicle in under two minutes.

Each DigiTint package is custom produced for each window on the vehicle with necessary shrinking to ensure a precise fit. All DigiKit film kits have a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Window Tint

Window tint not only gives your car a cool new look, but provides other benefits as well.

By adding tint to your car's window, you protect its interior from nearly 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Keep the sun's harmful rays out of your car to protect your skin and your car's dash, seat covers, and any other part exposed to the sun. Extreme exposure to the sun--even in your car--can cause skin cancer. It's also hard on your car's interior and can crack and break the material.

Keep your car from getting so hot during the summer with window tint. Keep the sun out and the hot air out with some window tint. This will keep you happy and cool by reducing your need for air conditioning usage and helping your gas mileage.

The adhesive on your window tint can help strengthen your windows. Your tint can work to keep your windows from shattering in the event of an accident or otherwise broken window.

Feel free to contact your local Kendall Auto Service Department with any questions you have regarding DigiTint. Our experts have the training to install window film to your vehicle's specifications.


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