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New Hybrid & Electric CarsHybrid & Electric Car Dealerships

Let’s start with this: What is a hybrid car? A hybrid is something made by combining two different elements, or a mixture. Hybrid cars are a combination of a gasoline fuel engine with an electric motor of the future. Step into the future with a new hybrid car from Kendall Automotive Group. With a large selection of new hybrid cars and SUVs, the Kendall family of car dealerships offers a large selection of hybrid cars and SUVs in Oregon, Alaska, and Idaho. We also include a selection of fuel cell and plug-in hybrid models.

If you’re not completely sold on new hybrid cars, consider a few things. Fuel emissions are reduced, while gas mileage is increased. You’ll save a bundle on fuel costs by driving a new hybrid car. Depending on the model you decide to buy, there’s also a chance you’ll qualify for tax credits by buying a new hybrid car or SUV and reducing your carbon footprint, so be sure to ask a member of our friendly sales team at your nearby Kendall dealership.

Visit your nearest Kendall Automotive Group location in Alaska, Oregon, or Idaho to learn more about our hybrid car options. The financial experts in our Kendall Finance Center can also help you find the right finance option to fit your budget and lifestyle. You can save time before you come in by filling out our online finance application. We’ll let you know if you’re pre-approved for financing. Be sure to fill out our trade-in form to get a free car appraisal and find out the true trade-in value of your current vehicle.

New Hybrid SUVs for Sale

Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice passenger seating or cargo space by going hybrid. Kendall Automotive Group offers a large selection of new hybrid SUVs for sale from manufacturers that includes Toyota, Porsche, Kia, and more. You’ll find our available Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, and Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid models as excellent and comparable versions of their originals.

You’ll find a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid that fits your driving style and needs with a variety of options, including the Toyota RAV4 LE Hybrid, RAV4 XLE Hybrid, RAV4 XSE Hybrid, and RAV4 Limited Hybrid. Combine the mpg of a hybrid with the power and performance of a Toyota RAV4. The 2.5L Toyota Hybrid System II offers 219 combined net horsepower for acceleration that will get you moving all the way to highway speeds.

You Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid combines a Turbocharged V6 engine with a plug-in hybrid. You can go without your gas engine and use only the electric engine on a complete working day in the city with a top speed of up to 83 mph.

Visit your local Kendall car dealership to shop our available inventory of new hybrid and electric cars and SUVs. Contact us at your nearest Kendall location to find out more about available hybrid models. You’ll find a variety of hybrid cars that includes fuel cell and plug-in hybrid cars. Click one of the buttons below to shop our available hybrid cars near you. Come by today and say hi to a hybrid.


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